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Custom Yoga Mats Custom Yoga Mats
Custom Yoga Mats

One - Stop Solution For Yoga Mat OEM/ODM

Welcome to perwithlogo, a leading trader of custom yoga products. The factories we work with have been manufacturing yoga mats for over 20 years and are committed to producing high quality mats that meet the highest industry standards. With professional technical strength, complete production equipment and a professional team, we can provide customers with customized various unique yoga mats to meet different needs.


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Production Advantages of Yoga Mat Factory

Advanced production equipment:
We have high-speed 6-print printing machine, automatic transfer printing machine, automatic screen printing machine, screen printing treadmill, cutting machine and other advanced equipment to ensure product quality and production efficiency.

Competitive price:
Our factory was established in 2001 with a mature production line. Through mass production of yoga mats, we can finally provide customers with competitive prices.

Customization options:
We can personalize a yoga mat to your exact requirements, from choosing different materials, colors and patterns to adding a logo or branding element.

Ongoing supply:
We have more than 120 employees, multiple production lines, and sufficient inventory. At the same time, we can ensure timely delivery no matter whether it is a small order or a large batch.

High quality yoga mat:
We use natural rubber as the main material, its foam texture is soft, non-toxic and tasteless, non-slip and shock-proof. Our products have passed the SGS eight heavy metal content tests and the European ROHS directive standards to ensure the environmental safety of the products.


We accept all kinds of OEM/ODEM order. Shop the best and largest selection of yoga mats at Perwithlogo.
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